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Quick FYI to my WP friends:

If you’re watching/listening to the Presidential Debate (Tuesday, Oct. 16) and caught the discussion on Gun Control, they referenced a certain Massachusetts State Gun Law.

The Omnibus Firearms Control Act of 1998, was actually signed by then-Governor, A. Paul Cellucci. I wrote that statute (Mass. Session Laws, St. 1998, c.180) from scratch 2 years out of law school. It was challenged by the Gun Lobby and went all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court. … Cert. DENIED. The law stands as written.

Romney did sign a bill increasing the fees for the licenses I created & otherwise reformed. But, in his defense, it was the debate moderator who erroneously (albeit by honest mistake I doubt not) attributed the comprehensive, substantive law to Gov. Romney. He just rolled with it.


~ KP, Esq.

It’s a good read! … Really! (sarcasm intended)

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