About Knotty Puppet

I’m the rather slight fellow you see dangling in the cave there, center stage in the cover art for THE GODDESS & THE DEVIL, a most unique and provocative multi~genre creation. It’s a ton of real, thoroughly researched history called upon by our fictitious players arguing about good & evil (&c., &c., …) who happened to find themselves in one Hell of a bind one night in Salem, 1692.

MISSION STATEMENT [Why the Blog/Site]: I guess it would be best described as a Philosophy Blog. I’ll be posting Food for Discussion (Philosophical Quotes by a variety of renowned “Thinkers,” open issues, propositions, &c.) and let you all have at it, so long as you keep it civil. Argue as forcefully as you might, but please … absolutely NO AD HOMINEM ATTACKS (and No “F-Bombs” either).

Thank You, and I hope You … We … have some fun with this.

Your Humble Host,
    ~ Knotty Puppet

  1. Simeon Blatchley

    I entirely concur with the first comment!

  2. Thank u so much for stopping by N reading my humble writing 🙂

  3. thanks for stopping and visiting my blog………

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