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This Date in History: . . . March 5

Professor Michael Sandel (b. March 5, 1953)

“The human faculties of perception, judgment, discriminative feeling, mental activity, and even moral preference, are exercised only in making a choice. He who does anything because it is the custom, makes no choice. He gains no practice either in discerning or in desiring what is best. The mental and moral, like the muscular powers, are improved only by being used… .”

  ~ Prof. Michael Sandel

Michael Sandel 

[Click Pic for an enlightening Journey in Moral Reasoning]


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I'm the rather slight fellow you see dangling in the cave, center stage on the cover of THE GODDESS & THE DEVIL, a most unique and provocative multi~genre creation. It's a ton of real, thoroughly researched history called upon by our fictitious players arguing about good & evil (&c., &c., ...) who happened to find themselves in one Hell of a bind one night in Salem, 1692.

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  1. Very true Prof –

    Human sloth is a greater sin than unbridled sex. That is wny I sin less 🙂

  2. Well-stated, Good Sir. But, I’m not one to judge another negatively for enjoying such pleasure. Sex is no sin. It’s good for Body AND Spirit. Bridles only serve to restrict.

    Thanks … as always, you’re quite welcome here.


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