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The Goddess & The Devil

The Prisoner       Well, that sounds somewhat familiar; and I somewhat agree with it. The Sun could rise in the West some Day. Of Course, in Order for that to happen, certain Events … like, perhaps, the Reversal of the Earth’s Rotation … would need to occur that would likely wipe us all out, given our truly fragile Condition. And, of Course, that would not erase the Lines of Time already scribed by the Sun anyway. You see: Even the Laws of Nature that your philosophizing Historian … and you too I believe … have thus far discerned and uphold as divine Perfection in itself only apply to the current State of the Universe … and that only as viewed from Earth. They too could all change someday. But, as I just remarked, we likely wouldn’t be here to discover the Results of so dramatic a Transition.

You hold the Laws of Physics as immutable. But they are not, at least not the ones we can presently discern … like the one that requires the Sun to rise in the East, which is useless Rubbish itself, except as Evidence of Humanity’s childish collective Egocentrism. The anthropocentric Universe. Bah! Ever wonder why it is that all graphic Depictions of the Earth depict the northern Hemisphere as the top Half? Think about it. There really is no Top or Bottom of the Earth. Top and Bottom are relative Terms. There is no Orientation of the Planet we call our own in objective Reality. As with any other Object, its Orientation is a purely subjective Determination. Bottom, Top, Upside-down, Rightside-up, vertical or horizontal: These Terms describe the Object in Question only as it relates to some other Object designated in Advance as the Vantagepoint, or Viewpoint, in Relation to which the Object is measured. And, in Relation to this Relationship between the two Objects, the one dubbed the Viewpoint is more properly called the Subject.

So, what’s the Viewpoint here? And, what’s the Orientation of that Viewpoint from which our Globe is viewed as so oriented with the European Continent and People resting and standing securely on Top, much as they did when the Earth was flat? Is God out there, seated upright, His Eyes toward us, seeing our Planet as you would from a Chair in your Living Quarters view a standard Model Globe positioned on a Table? Bah! Who renders these Depictions and constructs these Table Top Models? And, where are they from? What’s the Commonality amongst their Viewpoints? Answer that, and you’ll have your Answer. I wonder if, were our little Globes designed and formed by People from Regions across the Equator, they would all be mounted with Europe and this here Continent and what we call the North Pole facing down toward the Table. And, if so, would all Drawings of our Solar System be flipped over as well?

I shouldn’t snicker at these particular Europeans though. At least they did round the Church’s flat Earth and get it spinning about the Sun. And some of these Fellows paid quite a Price for that. I guess I should just bow my Head and be thankful. For they risked and sacrificed much in the Coup by which they succeeded in turning, to no small Extent, the reigning God of the so-called North and West on His Head. Neat Trick actually.

Anyway, the physical Laws that govern the Earth, to which you and I are bound, are likewise subject to external Forces far greater than themselves that, like those we do perceive, could obliterate the entire human Race, along with this spinning Mass against which we’re drawn, in one flashing Instant. Something to ponder when you have nothing better to do. Not now though. Later.

~ The Goddess & The Devil, Act II, Ch. XLIII

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I'm the rather slight fellow you see dangling in the cave, center stage on the cover of THE GODDESS & THE DEVIL, a most unique and provocative multi~genre creation. It's a ton of real, thoroughly researched history called upon by our fictitious players arguing about good & evil (&c., &c., ...) who happened to find themselves in one Hell of a bind one night in Salem, 1692.

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