Knotty Knuggets

. . . If one Group hates another Group that has done them no Harm,” she pursued, “a wise Governour would seek to remove the Hate itself, it being born purely of such negative Passions as Fear and Envy and, therefore, completely irrational. It’s a Fool who exercises executive Power to remove the innocent Objects of such unwarranted Derision, to whom, as I said, he or she … or he and she … owes a Duty to protect. You don’t sacrifice the natural Rights of a Minority Class of Human Beings just to quell the Anger of a belligerent, intolerant and spiteful Majority. It’s patently unjust.” Zahna proclaimed. “Yet, that’s exactly what was done … and, ostensibly, all in the Name of God mind you. For the Love and Glory and good Grace of God.”

~ Querolus, The Goddess & The Devil, Act I, Sc. 11, Ch. XXV

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  1. Beautiful sentiments expressed here.

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