Knotty Knuggets

Knotty Knuggets

Hear now the sorry tale

Of mortal man. A thing of no avail

He was, until a living mind I wrought

Within him, and new mastery of thought.

I cast no blame on man; I do but crave

To show what love was in the gifts I gave.

I tell you, sight they had but saw in vain;

Hearing, but heard not; as shapes wax and wane

In dreams, aimless for ever and confused,

They moved; no binding of the clay they used,

No craft of wood, to build in the bright sun

Their dwellings; but like feeble ants wind-blown,

Hid them in crannied caves, far from the day;

No seasons did they know, no signs to say

When winter cold should come, nor flowery spring,

Nor summer with his fruit, but everything

They did was without knowledge, till their eyes

Were oped by me to see the stars that rise,

And them that sink to heaven’s obscurer parts.

Then Number, Number, queen of all the arts,

I showed them, and the craft which stroke to stroke

Added, till words came and the letters spoke;

The all-remembering wonder, the unworn

And edged tool, whence every Muse is born.

Beasts of the forest and the field I broke

To harness, made them servants to the yoke

And carriers who might lift from man the pain

Of extreme toil; I hanselled to the rein

The gentle steed, and in the chariot tied

For rich men who would glory in their pride.

I made, none else, for mariners the free

And flaxen-winged chariots of the sea.

Alas, all these new wisdoms I could find

For mortals, but no wisdom to unbind

These mine own fetters — nay, nor hope of it.

 Aeschylus [bust]  Prometheus


Aeschylus (525/524 – 456/455 C.E.)


About Knotty Puppet

I'm the rather slight fellow you see dangling in the cave, center stage on the cover of THE GODDESS & THE DEVIL, a most unique and provocative multi~genre creation. It's a ton of real, thoroughly researched history called upon by our fictitious players arguing about good & evil (&c., &c., ...) who happened to find themselves in one Hell of a bind one night in Salem, 1692.

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  1. O! thank you for introducing me to this author/content. I found a copy of text online. What oration. Thank-you.

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