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See below, in the cave on the cover (front page) of the Book. That’s his Home.
Excavating the Roots of Evil
[A Unique Multi~Genre Composition]
THE GODDESS & THE DEVIL [cover art: "Fool's Gold Mine" (c) 2010 AD (KPCW)]

“Fool’s Gold Mine” (c) 2010 AD (KPCW)]

François-Marie Arouet proposed in 1768 that, if God does not exist, then it would behoove us to create Him … for tyrants to tremble in fear … and that it is a fool who denies Him, for sound as their arguments may be, the results of their efforts will only leave the innocent and noble vulnerable to the ill will and power of the self-appointed Earth-bound masters. The proof being borne upon the results, their fine arguments will ultimately fail the people. That’s one interpretation. But Voltaire was a rather tricky fellow, with a penchant for irony. And we should take it on faith that there may always be much more behind his words than greet us at the surface. So too with the peculiar philosophers that you will meet and engage in The Goddess & The Devil. Welcome back to Salem, 1692: where and when our historical odyssey begins … our home base in time and space. Your bickering guides await you … to challenge you, as they challenge each other. And we hope you enjoy the little drama they play out in the process … to provide a body to hang their points on … and to excite your range of emotions, should your skin prove too thick an armour against the biting truths they tell. There’s some funny stuff too … with enough irony to make Voltaire himself wriggle in his grave. Yet, the work is a serious one, for so intense a debate to which you are asked to play judge does not arise but out of the gravest social and personal crisis.
Buon Appetito!!! ~ Goat Hill Books
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